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Doggo Dental Clinics

We’ve all heard the exclamative “dog-breath!” associated with an aging canine’s stinky kisses; however, did you know the cause of your dog’s signature scent is often due to bacteria build-up? Just because our dogs have incisor shaped teeth doesn’t mean that plaque and tartar can’t become a problem; in fact, in most dogs medium size or smaller, the small, close-together teeth are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria bloom which can contribute to stinky breath, dental pain, pain associated with disinterest in eating – as well as a wide variety of other health issues such as infections or even teeth loss!

At the Doggos, we know that grooming goes beyond aesthetic and comfort. A good groomer takes in all sides of your pets’ health and wellness, especially dental wellness! Dental wellness is very important and can be assisted by daily tooth brushing with a pet-specific enzymatic toothpaste, water or food additives or dental chews/toys that help to scrape plaque and tartar. While these methods are indeed preventative, just like a human, your dog can benefit from a professional dental cleaning. That’s where our dental clinics featuring Kissable K-9 come in!


The Doggos hosts regular dental clinics with Kissable K-9, a group of trained pet dental hygienists who travel all over the GTA bringing safe, affordable and experienced dental care to both dogs and cats. Our first two clinics over the summer were a success among our clients and community, which is why we have chosen to continue hosting regular clinics at our doggy daycare and grooming parlour. Our location offers the space to accommodate patients and the staff to provide comfort, experience and an understanding of client privacy.


Kissable K-9 works as well to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pet; using only holistic calming methods such as lavender spray, massage and swaddling techniques, the team makes sure each pet is completely comfortable and addresses any anxieties with the pet parent previous to the cleaning. Jobs that are not completed are not charged; this means every pet with a dental clinic booked gets exactly what they pay for – a clean, healthy mouth for their pet with reduced stains and build-up!


Kissabe K-9 also sends each pet parent a before and after picture of the job done, so the results are not only visible but shareable! For more information on Kissable K-9, their clinics, staff, or practices, follow the link below to see what they’re all about!


You can also follow us on Facebook to RSVP to the event via event page, or take a look at our other great upcoming events for pets, pet parents and community of Toronto/Etobicoke:


You can also call us or e-mail us to book an appointment. Felines welcome! Any size, age, breed. Remember, cats and dogs benefit from professional dental care regardless of regular teeth brushing or dental treats; it is important to make sure that each pet is getting at least one method of dental hygiene assist per week, although 3-5 times a week is optimal!


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